Sewing with Sergers: Part 4 – A Buying Guide

Sewing with Sergers Buying Guide

To get you started in your shopping, we’ve put together a ‘Sewing with Sergers’ buying guide using sergers from our friends at Janome. This guide will outline the range available, and explain some of the features and benefits of each, so you can weigh the options and choose the machine that is right for the types of jobs you want to do. All of the models in the Janome line contain differential feed, and those mentioned below have an adjustable cutting width. Additionally, most models have adjustable stitch length, and because they have a differential feed option, they can gather. They also all have a retractable knife so you can create decorative effects.

Janome Magnolia 7034D

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The Magnolia 7034D is a solid, entry-level overlocker. It performs a 3,4 thread overlock pattern, and has knob-type tension adjustment. This means the thread is wrapped around the knobs on the front of the machine, and these knobs control the tension. You’ll find color-coded threading, which makes it easy to follow what needs to go where.

Janome 1110DX

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The 1110DX offers lay-in threading and tension adjustment, as opposed to the knob version. This lay-in threading method allows the thread to fit more snugly, giving greater dependability in threading.

Easy threading is a major aspect of this serger. It contains a lower looper thread guide, so you can easily thread the sometimes hard-to-reach looper. The paths through the various loopers and needles are also clearly marked on the front of the machine, which is perfect for a beginner. The 1110DX also includes an easy rolled hem conversion, which allows you to move from standard sewing to a rolled hem quickly – a conversion that may require quite a few adjustments with other models.

Janome 1200D


The 1200D is a 2,3,4,5 thread serger. Along with all the standard serger features mentioned above (plus some not mentioned), this machine offers coverstitch and a top coverstitch. These are high-end options, which guarantee amazing results. A 5-thread serger will do a chain stitch, which is popular for finishing/hemming in professionally made drapes. Coverstitch is a very versatile stitch that can be used for hemming, gathering, or embellishment.

The 1200D also offers automatic tension – a truly amazing and useful feature for any level sewer. It has an easy to understand stitches selection guide, and based on your chosen stitch, the machine will adjust the tension for perfect results every time.

The 1200D, along with its slightly less-featured sister, the 1100D, also have a tremendous feature for home dec sewing: blanket stitching. You can use this stitch for hemming and finishing the edges of throws and other blankets. Along with the wide array of other features on this model, the blanket stitch is a real treat.


Janome Jem Gold Plus Trim and Stitch


The marriage of a solid sewing machine with light serging function, this is Janome’s hybrid. Built on the body of one of Janome’s most popular models, the Jem Gold Plus Trim and Stitch delivers precise and consistent sewing results, plus it offers the capability of edge trimming and finishing with a built in and retractable serging system. You can switch between regular sewing and the serging function with ease.

This is a wonderful model for the sewer who is concerned with space. It gives you the best of both worlds in one easy-to-store sewing machine. One word of truth: if you are looking for a overlocker to tackle really tough jobs, this may not be the perfect match for you. But if you’re interested in using a overlocker for simple tasks this may be all you need. – article source

So hopefully this buying guide has given you more light on the question “Should I buy a serger?” – If you feel that sewing with sergers is the right step for you why not check out the latest models from different manufacturers Here


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