Sewing with Sergers: Part 3 – Rolled Hem

Sergers Pay-Off in Two Words: Rolled Hem

So – ‘Sewing with Sergers’ has shown you how to make a basic napkin with a double turn hem. One thing a overlocker does very quickly and easily is a rolled hem. A rolled hem can be found on many purchased napkins. It looks like a very tight and narrow satin stitching on the edge of the fabric. While double-turned edges are very pretty, they are fairly labor intensive. Trust me on this: the second you master the rolled hem on your overlocker, you will spend the entire afternoon making napkins, and everyone you know will be receiving a set! It’s so fast, so easy, and so instantly gratifying.

sewing with sergers: rolled hem

Once You Start Sewing with Sergers …There’s No Stopping

I’ll admit this now, because it’s a few years after the fact, but one Christmas, I made my mother four tablecloths to fit her new dining room table. I bought fabric wide enough to fit the table, cut it to the correct length, and simply serged all four edges. It took me about 30 minutes to complete them all. But she was so impressed when she opened the boxes of four ‘handmade’ tablecloths, I kind of played along with the selfless work I put into the gifts – for her sake! Of course, I was happy to make them for her – but I was even happier it didn’t take an entire weekend like she thought it had.

Of course, there are many many other things sergers do that will save you both time and energy in your sewing room. In fact, we’ve never met anyone who, once they took an afternoon to get comfortable, regretted their investment in an overlocker. As with any equipment purchase, shop for a trustworthy machine, and purchase from a trusted dealer. Lessons are very helpful, especially when sewing with a serger, so speak with your dealer about that option when you are shopping.


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