Sewing with Sergers: Part 1 – An Introduction

Sewing with Sergers? – Many people want to develop their sewing further and there will likely be a time when you ask ‘Should I buy a serger?’. To address this question here is a great article from Janome America courtesy of ‘sew 4 home’ blog. As you can see this was written a while ago so the specific sewing machines are not the latest but this still serves as a great guide to sewing with sergers.

 Sewing with Sergers

Sewing with Sergers: – Taming the Myths

Many who are new to sewing view this sewing equipment as mystical, and maybe slightly sinister. Judging by the name, you could confuse it for something (or someone) found in Marvel Comics. Even its other, more British name, gives it a wonderfully super-hero edge: The Overlocker. Sews by Day, Locks Seams by Night.

It’s true this overlocker can perform magic – at least watching one work gives you that impression. Don’t be alarmed by the multiple spools or racing speed. With a few basic instructions, you’ll be well on your way to learning how to use this versatile and fun machine. Plus, once you feel comfortable with an overlocker, you won’t believe the time it saves in your sewing room!


A Serger, gives seams a professional quality finish and makes the fancy finishing stitches you find on the inside of store-bought garments. As you sew, the overlocker cuts off the edge of your fabric, then wraps thread around the cut edge so it won’t fray. It adds a degree of polish and longevity to your projects you can’t quite attain with a regular sewing machine.


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