Serger Machine Stitching: – ChainStitch, Flatlock & More

A quick look at some of the serger machine stitching that a good serger can perform

Serger Machine Coverstitch

Its back side forms a pattern that looks like a ladder. It uses two bobbins so the stitches are not joined from side to side. Oftentimes, it’s used to complete the hem of any pants, skirts and/or skirts.


It’s a basic stitch that forms a line with interlocking loops, ergo, a chain-like pattern. Chainstitch is often used to outline and fill spaces. This is one of the most common stitches that can be adapted to different stitching techniques.

Safety stitch

It uses 2 needles in order to create stronger seam. This type of stitch is used to join seams of sportswear or work clothes.


It’s a decorative stitch and it’s often used in active wear. It looks like it has two flat raw edges. These edges are sewn together but there’s no overlapping or seam allowance.


This type of stitch is a variation of flat-lock stitch. It’s especially useful in stitching lightweight fabric. The threads are locked at the edge of the fabric, rather than at the needle.


It’s a type of stitch used for edging, seaming and hemming two pieces of cloth. The appearance of this stitch depends on several factors, like the length of the stitch, thread count, etc. Overlock is used to complete the seams of garments that are made from Lycra, spandex or jersey.


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