Best Serger Sewing Machine Reviews 2016: Brand Comparison

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The Serger Sewing Machine Revolution: – The Impact on the Fashion World

To fully grasp the importance of the role the serger plays in modern design and production, you first need to appreciate that the fashion world, as we know it today, would not exist without the Sewing Machine Serger.(aka Overlocker or Overlock Machine).

With such a dynamic, developing market, machine companies continue to create and innovate the best machines equipped with the latest and most sophisticated technology. However, with the many brands and units out in the market today, you may find it hard to choose the right one to meet your needs, preferences or budget. Hence the creation of this review site …

TOP 10 SERGER COMPARISON (Not in any order)

Brother 1034D
Brother 1034d
2 Needle 3/4 Thread

Yes1300 RPM$230.00
Latest $

Unbiased Serger Reviews

To help you out, our site provides unbiased review of the top serger sewing machines, brands include Brother, Singer, Juki, Janome and other models. You will be able to choose from different high quality machines. Generally these models are designed for use by the public as a second machine or for commercial enterprise. They are rarely the best choice for sewing machine beginners buying their first machine..

To provide you with comprehensive information and details on what each thread serger / overlock model has in store for you, ‘Serger Reviews’ provides full descriptions, features and specifications and videos where possible: We consider the pros and cons while including real customer feedback and ratings.

The product description section briefly and clearly discusses what you can get out of the product and how it will benefit you. The features and specification section lists the technical aspects of the product and details how they function.

To understand the upside and downside of your chosen machine, you should refer to the pros and cons section. In fact, this is where you will be able to formulate the right buying decisions because here you will discover if your prospective product will best meet your needs or not.

Customer Feedback & Ratings

Another important section that you shouldn’t skip is the customer feedback and ratings as this reveals the real experiences of customers using the machines of their choice. When the product you are intending to purchase has high ratings and just a few complaints, then you should definitely consider it. However, if several customers express disappointment due to unreliable performance and quality, this should raise a red flag. To help you get best value for your hard earned cash, we only post real comments and feedback. These are not made up, unlike some other sewing machine and serger reviews sites.


“If you have never sewn with a serger you’re in for a treat! Sergers are wonderful machines that trim the fabric edge, overcast it and sew a seam all at the same time. They also sew lovely embellishment stitches and quick, tightly rolled hems.

Your serger will soon become one of the most useful tools in your sewing room. It’s not difficult to use and you’ll soon appreciate how much more quickly you can sew and how professional looking your finished results will be!” 

– Becky Hanson –
Quick and Easy sewing with your Serger



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Serger Reviews: – Your Choice for Serger Overlock Machines